Interview with Instinct Magazine

September 7, 2020 - “What’s Up Asbury Park”

Asbury Park, New Jersey’s rich music history has been the backdrop for everything from concerts to feature films, but only Confections of a Rock Star’s Kimmee Masi has been able to fuse her love of music with her other love, baking. She and co-owner Lisa Lasky launched Confections of a Rockstar in 2012, combining treats with names like “Cake By The Ocean Jar” & Velvet Revolver” with the unique backdrop of Asbury Park’s Cookman Avenue. As the pandemic directly impacted businesses up and down Cookman Ave. and beyond, Masi had another idea. Why not directly showcase some of her fellow neighborhood businesses, show how they’ve been making it through these unprecedented times, and give them some free publicity along the way? Masi has featured a number of businesses so far, giving viewers a peek into businesses that they may not have gotten to experience or visit just yet. I caught up with Masi to talk about her Asbury Park beginnings, what she loves the most about Asbury Park, and what it has been like for her as a small business owner in the current climate.

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